tisdag, oktober 28, 2008

'Det går allt sämre i Afghanistan'

Det går allt sämre för de västerländska trupperna i Afghanistan. Den som nu tror att Väst kan få loss fler soldater och dessutom åstadkomma någon avgörande skillnad misstar sig rejält. Men hjälp till uppbyggnad och bistånd tas tacksamt emot i byarna.

Följande konstaterande kom igår.

McKiernan, who took command of the NATO mission in Afghanistan in June, has acknowledged that the country lacks security and governance in many regions but concluded in a news conference two weeks ago that "We are not losing Afghanistan."

Militants in July killed nine U.S. troops in Kunar province in a massive attack that almost overran a small, newly built U.S. outpost. In August, some 100 insurgents attacked French troops outside Kabul and killed 10. The same day, six suicide bombers tried to storm a U.S. base near the border with Pakistan.

In June, Taliban militants stormed Kandahar's Sarposa Prison in a complex attack kicked off by a massive truck bomb. Some 900 inmates were freed, including 400 Taliban fighters.

The killings of three foreigners in Kabul, the capital, in the last week have added to the stream of negative headlines. Last month in Washington, Adm Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned the House Armed Services Committee that the United States is "running out of time".

I'm not convinced we're winning in Afghanistan"said Mullen adding quickly, "I'm convinced we can".