fredag, oktober 17, 2008

Ett oomkullrunkligt faktum..

What have you got to say to that one?

Utropar Layla Anwar från sin irakiska exil i Syrien. Och jag kan inte låta bli annat än att svara -"Well, well, very well!"

För så här skriver hon
Today, a communiqué from the Assyrian community confirms that the ones who are persecuting the Iraqi Christians of Mosul are none than your fucking Kurds. The same was reported by the blogger Roads to Iraq. Now go and tell your Cockburn and Chomsky.

Since 2003, the Christians of Iraq have had their churches destroyed, their shops burned down, their families threatened, murdered and exiled...So what have you got to say, you bunch of bastards?

What have you got to say to the irrefutable fact that the Christians of Iraq prior to your so called dirty "liberation" where the most protected group in Iraq. Now you come and talk about Muslim fundamentalism persecuting the Christians of Iraq? You bad faithed bastards.

You are the ones who are persecuting the Christians of Iraq. You and your scum called Iran and Israel via their proxies of dirty Shiites and dirty Kurds.

You are the ones, you Americans and filthy Brits, you are the ones who are persecuting Christ and you are the ones who crucify him daily.Turn the other cheek? Ha! All I want to do is smash your criminal, ugly faces, your hypocritical faces, your lying faces, your deceitful faces...

Turn the other cheek? You fucking bastards, I have no cheek to turn. I want you mother fuckers to be nailed, with no hope of "salvation" or "resurrection" ever !