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Libyen vill återfå tillgångar i SydAfrika

Libyen söker återfå tillgångar förre libyska
diktatorn Muammar Gaddafi haft i SydAfrika
2 juni 2013
Libyerna reste sig i feb 2011 mot Gaddafis regerings
innehav sedan fyra decennier tillbaka och avsatte honom
i augusti 2011. Han avrättades den 20 oktober samma år."

kommentar IT Artikelförf hade inte kunskap om hur
hans guldtackor och andra tillgångar skulle komma i
säkert förvar, då de senare blev lastade till bankvalv i
USA -"för att finnas i säkert förvar" ! 
Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi
Libyen försöker få tillbaka mer än $1 miljard i
tillgångar, vilka påstås ha placerays i Sydafrika av
sin förre diktator Muammar Gaddafi, rapporterar
en lokal tidning. (se ovan)
Tidningen sa att den sydafrikanska regeringen
uppmanats att hjälpa regeringen i Tripoli att få
tillbaka diamanter, guld och pengar.

Reports said that Libyan investigators had provided
the South African treasury with evidence that four local
banks and two security companies have held the assets.

'The process of verifying the group's claim is under way',
said Jabulani Sikhakhane, the spokesman for South African
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

The daily published extracts of letters from Libya's justice
and finance ministers to their South African counterparts
which said Libyan investigators had “uncovered large funds
and assets in South Africa and neighboring states.”

The investigators found out about the state funds hidden
in South Africa from Gaddafi’s former intelligence chief
Abdullah al-Senussi, reports said. He was imprisoned in
Libya after being extradited from Mauritania.

Gaddafi’s former chief of staff Bashir Saleh is alleged to
be in control of part of the missing cash. He is wanted
in Libya on charges of fraud and is also the target of
an Interpol arrest warrant.

According to South Africa's main opposition party
the Democratic Alliance (DA), Saleh was seen in South
Africa several times.

The opposition party said it would hold an urgent meeting
of a parliamentary committee to find out why he had not
been arrested.

Libyans rose up against Gaddafi’s four-decade rule in Feb
2011 and deposed him in August 2011. He was slain on
October 20 of the same year.

The truth about Syria is being revealed by activist and
blogger ‘Syrian Girl’ (Mimi Al-Laham) who spells out
what others fear to think, let alone say. For example,
everybody realizes that the Americans are arming
al-Qaeda, but few know that the Rothschild national
banks are behind the attacks on Libya and Syria.

These banks are at the heart of the New World Order
run by a global elite intent on controlling the rest of the
world by putting it into un-repayable debt. They do it by
ensuring that everybody is trapped into borrowing money
at high interest. For ever after, the interest is paid, paid
and paid again to keep the elite in clover.

As soon as the Gaddafi government had been defeated
the globalists put the Libyan national bank back under
Rothschild control. It’s also what they are doing to Egypt
which has been trapped into accepting USD 4.8 billion,
at interest, from the International Monetary Fund. What
a mistake by President Morsi! And since when have true
Muslims agreed to pay riba? In either case, Libya or Egypt,
the New World Order has no intention of allowing an Islamic
national bank which would issue its own money at no interest

Moreover, those who borrow in dollars have to repay in
dollars and, when the time comes, the international
financiers crash the currency exchanges thereby ensuring
that the borrowed money becomes un-repayable. The result
is that national assets have to be sold at rock-bottom prices
to the financiers.

At present Syria has no debt from the IMF. It only has
loans from friends such as Russia. It is therefore becoming
a target for American and NATO aggression.

Let nobody make the mistake of thinking that national bank
independence does not matter. If a country is free from
foreign financial control, it can have an independent foreign policy.

And that is the second big reason, identified by Syrian Girl,
as to why the New World Order is determined to attack Syria.
In Palestine, Iraq and Libya, Syrian foreign policy has been
anti-Zionist, anti-globalist and anti-New World Order.

Syria is one of the few countries which do not recognise
the self-pitying, aggressive, apartheid entity of Zionist Israel.
Syria can have this foreign policy because it has an
independent central bank.

So Rothschild control is what the New World Order
intends for Syria.

As also is control by Monsanto and the other big
international agricultural corporations. Syria has no
Genetically Modified Organisms because opposition
to GMO is embodied in Syrian law.

When Iraq was invaded in 2003 one of the first things
the Americans did was to issue the notorious Bremer
Orders. Order 81 insisted that Iraqi farmers could not
store their own seeds, developed over hundreds of years.
Instead, they must buy Frankenstein seeds which have
to be bought annually from Frankenstein corporations
like Monsanto. These seeds have terminator genes which
ensure that the seeds can only be used for one season.

In India, one small farmer commits suicide every half an
hour (usually in the very painful way of drinking herbicide).
If a crop fails the small farmers cannot rely on stored seed
but must buy Monsanto seed and borrow at interest rates
of a minimum of 50 - 60% and often 100% or more.

Food supply is now another way by which the global elite
is coming to control other countries. The world is having
to get used to the fact that, when the Americans get involved,
an iron law prevails Pay Monsanto or Starve.

Syrian Girl points out that natural gas has been discovered
off the Syrian coast and that there are plans for a pipeline
going from Iran, through Iraq and Syria, to Europe.The
New World Order, however, intends otherwise Zionism
requires that nothing Iranian can be allowed.

There is then something which, too often, is being forgotten
by populations watching international TV unique national
identity. Syria has its own production; how the international
corporations hate that! At one time there was no American
Coca-Cola although, regrettably, it has wheedled its way in.

Syria has laudably resisted the entry of foreign companies.
The desire to make everybody the same is really a cunning
way of preparing people for enslavement by the global elite
and one world government. The cry of Free Syria is really
the desire to Enslave Syria, and everybody else in due course

To its great credit Syria has had good relations between
communities but all is being destroyed as the New World
Order divides on its way to conquer. This is not only NWO
policy but Zionist policy which wants to ensure that no
Middle East country is strong enough to stand up against
Israeli expansionism.
Syrian Girl is telling it as it is. She is to be commended.

‘Syrian Girl’ reveals truth behind Syria crises


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